About Us

Ancient life Sciences such as "Ayurveda"have used Plants and plant extracts  for millennia to promote, support and maintain a healthy life.   These ancient sciences  practiced over thousands of years is being re-introduced to the world backed by modern clinical research.

Pharmacon gignos was conceptualised in 2003 with a mission of bringing Ancient Life Sciences to the forefront by blending then with Modern Scientific Practice. The name Pharmacon gignos translates to the science of drugs.  We specialize in manufacturing neutraceuticals and Health Supplements using highly purified and standardised plant extracts from across the globe.

Our Product List
aloe vera skin gel
Anti ageing & Detox
Coenzyme Q10
hair revitalizer
Hand made - bathing bar
joint care - supplement
n-Acetyl cysteine
pure aloe vera gel
under eye gel
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